Who is Pukar Bam?

पुकार बम को हो?

Pukar Bam is an individual, who since his high school days, has been fighting from the streets against corruption and bad governance, advocating for human rights, women’s rights, education reform, and healthcare reform. He has been on the frontlines during pretty much every disaster in the last 17-18 years, often reaching places before the government, reaching places where the government did not reach.

More about Pukar

Pukar has led popular social movements like Nepal Khulla Chha (Nepal is Open) campaign during times when the country was disrupted by frequent riots and closures, Occupy Baluwatar (longest running women rights campaign), 20 different Dr. Govinda KC campaigns (anti-corruption, education reform, healthcare reform, etc.), environmental awareness campaigns, heritage preservation/conservation campaigns, नोट चल्ने भोट नचल्ने, Enough is Enough campaign, etc.

After many years of social campaigning work and humanitarian assistance in the streets of Kathmandu and rural areas of Nepal, and foot travel to understand the country, he co-founded Bibeksheel Nepali with the late visionary Ujwal Thapa, a political party that ushered in a new kind of social-political movement; youth from diverse backgrounds and fed up with the status quo joined, and the party soon became known for the positive social change and peaceful way of protesting, bringing results, changes in laws, etc.

Following in the footsteps of many in his extended family, he started his basic studies to become a medical doctor; but his passion for social justice and his campaigns against injustices made him realize his calling is in serving people, which led him to pursue education in Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology, Political Science.

Currently, he is a lecturer and Head of the Department in Social Work at a reputed college in Kathmandu, all the while pursuing a Ph.D. at Tribhuwan University. Even though he wanted to pursue Ph.D. in another country, he says he could not afford to stay away so many years from Nepal from his passion for social work and politics.

Why Pukar Bam?